26-28 April Drill Chow help needed for Senior Drill signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Thank you for providing Chow to our very hungry and very appreciative Lexington Division and Training Ship Colorado! Chow is a really fun way to get involved with Sea Cadets, and they always appreciate a good meal!
We are going to need help with only 1 meal this month because of the senior requests and the unit being offsite for most of the day on Saturday. We are requesting a Taco Bar for this meal to help keep costs down and to make it little easier and flexible on timing if the unit should come down late from the mountains. Someone will be at the NOSC if you wanted to drop it off. We do have crockpots to keep items warm such as meat, and veggies. We also have a warmer we can use as well.
When signing up for a meal, you are responsible for the menu, shopping and preparation. Remember, everyone will get reimbursed, so please save receipts and turn them into Inst Frank or myself.
Most meals will need to be prepared offsite and transported to Chow location. Please make sure, that when you sign up for a meal, you are able to bring your meal on that day.
I will send out a count of those that have RSVP'd so that we know how much to prepare for. RSVP deadline is on Sundays at 1900 (for base access) though we always have some stragglers, so I will get you final numbers on Tuesday.

You do not need to worry about plates, napkins, or silverware as this will be provided.
Thank you so much for volunteering!
Brandi Walstrom bwalstrom@lexdiv.org cel 720-369-4482

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What and when
Saturday dinner Taco Bar: Main meal, sides (beans, rice and corn are always good for this) toppings
1800 (6:00 pm)
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