RR. THURS. - JAN 18 - NIGHT - Event Help signup sheet

"Work" the event by doing one of the following jobs: Staff the entrance (collect money and tickets for VIP / Sponsors, cash tickets, credit card tickets), supervise the silent auction, host the REALMS Info table, sell branded RR drinking jars, put on and check wrist bands.

FIRST SHOW at 6pm (doors at 5pm)
SECOND SHOW at 8:30pm (doors at 7:30pm)

To sign up, select a row below

Show volunteers

What and when
Shift 1 - 1st Show Doors - You will be able to attend the 2nd show
Laurie, Rich, Sarah, Chicken, Jonna,
Shift 2 - 2nd Show Doors, Silent Auction, Info / You will be able to partially see the 1st show from your
6:15 - 8:30pm
Monet, Linda, stacia, Christine, Debbie, Deb,
Shift 3 - You will be able to attend the 1st Show
8:15 - 10:30pm
Linda, Jacquie, Lindsay, Kelley, Meg, janna, Brian,
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