Great Tomato Festival Prep 2017 - ND State Fair Center signup sheet

Help us prepare the food for the Great Tomato Festival at the ND State Fair Center 4H Hall!
No experience necessary ages 16+ preferred for daytime prep. Many duties do include cutting veggies with a sharp knife. Feel free to sign up for more than 1 shift!

Thank you for helping make the 29th annual Great Tomato Festival a SUCCESS!
Minot Public Library, Minot Symphony Orchestra, Taube Museum of Art

To sign up, select a row below

Show volunteers

What and when
Food Prep Tues 9-12
9-12 Tues. Aug. 8th
Ellen, Tim, Rachel, Thomas, Cleo, David, Elisha, Sue, Susan, Pat, Dan, Brendan, Betty, Holly, Pat, April, Chris, Margaret, Mary,
Food Prep Tues 12-3
12-3 Tues. Aug. 8th
Ellen, Cleo, Jane, Ja'bria, Wendy, Paulette & Colton, Colleen, John, Brendan, Nell, Pat, Cynthia, Tonia, Carol, Marcy, Debbie, Mary, Virginia,
Food Prep Wed 9-12
9-12 Wed. Aug. 9th
Ellen, Thomas, Lisa, Linda, Paulette & Colton, Cindee, Rosie, Ginny, Devera, Liz, Lana, Teresa, Tim, Rose, Carolyn, Kari, Chris, Holly, Holly, Greg,
Food prep Wed 12-3
12-3 Wed. Aug. 9th
Ellen, Sharon, Jane, John, Ann, Paulette & Colton, Marian, Randi, Pam, Patsy, Josh, Cheryl, Carlos, Leticia, Andrianna, Debbie, Colin, Tonia,
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